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About Yo Nigga


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Say for all yall ride or die chicks you can contact a nigga at or if you want  to know how i look,  just email me and i'll give u the 411 so holla.

Favorite Show:Aint got none
Fav Movie:Aint got none
Fav Music:Of course Rap
Fav Book:The Coldest Winter Ever
Fav Sports Team:To hard to decide
Fav Food:Pizza
Person I Most Admire:My momma

Well i am 15 years old and i go to LbJ high school. I love rap and i love to freestyle. I live in the ATX, and for yall that dont know what that means it stands for Austin Texas.

Sorry yall, i aint got no pictures of me yet, but this will have to do for now. Dont worry i'll have somthin 4 the ladies comin soon.


My favorite stuff is Music, Girls and Games.

My favorite color is blue even though i like wearin red. My favorite food is pizza and My favorite thing to do is chill with my niggas.