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Whats the damn deal check this my new shit, it's a real south side rap site for once, so take time and look around. Oh yeah and just incase yall was wondering, my name is Gregory Trotter, but you can just call me Greg.

So this is my new Rap site. If you been lookin a for Dirty South rap site this is it. I hope that you enjoy it. Ite so just look around and do whateva.

This site is dedicated to all yall who have been lookin for some true southern rap shit, so hope yall like it ite i'm through.

So yall want to know whats new, well lil flips Game Over just came out, and it's tight. He also just released his new album, but i dont know what it's called, so holla at yo boy and let me know what the album is called.

Contact me at or ite  thanks.  Last updated on April 5 2004